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Keep your pet healthy

While your pet may not be able to say so, they're constantly telling you how they feel. If you notice a decrease in energy, odd behavior, or changes in appetite, bring them in for a checkup. And don't forget your pet's annual exams!

What We Do Here

• Regular Physical Check-up 

• General Consultation

• Annual Vaccination

• Puppy/Kitten Shots 

• Ear Disease

• Skin Disease

• Minor Wound Care

• Flea Medications (Credelio/Bravecto)

• Microchipping


What We Don't Do Here

• Spay/Neuter Procedure 

• Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

• Ear Cropping

• Puppy Taildock and Dewclaw removal

• General Anesthesia

• Health Certificate


 • Office Visit $32 

 • Vaccination

Canine vaccinations


DA2P-Parvo  $29

Bordetella  $22

Rabies  $19

Feline vaccinations
FVRCP  $29

Leukemia  $22

Rabies  $19

Happy Pup
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